Oliver Stone - The Putin Interviews

by ChaosNavigator

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A unique truly historic documentary event at this critical and very dangerous point in history - too important to miss or to be deleted by Big Brother:

Part 1 - 720 HD Oliver Stone - The Putin Interviews

 Premiered the 12th of June 2017.  

PART 2 - 720 HD Oliver Stone - The Putin Interviews - VIDEO  (ENG SUB)  

 Premiered the 13th of June 2017

PART 3 - 1280 HD Oliver Stone - The Putin Interviews - VIDEO

Or try alternative link 720

Premiered the 14th of June 2017.

PART 4 - 720 HD Oliver Stone - The Putin Interviews - VIDEO (ENG SUB) 
Or try alternative link in lesser resolution
Premiered the 15th of June 2017.

Original Showtime Poster via Showtime Twitter - Part 3

Oliver Stone as one of the very few Western world's film mavericks tries to mediate between USA and Russia, and most importantly; convey to western audiences - whose minds by now have become victims of massive omissions, half-truths, manipulations, etc. by mainstream media - that Putin might not be the 'evil Czar' that western mainstream media try demonize through massive belligerent one-sided propaganda, pretext for wars, etc. - so to avoid an extremely dangerous flash point of nuclear war as worst-case scenario we need more noble efforts like this, which Oliver Stone only can be commended for as Noblesse Oblige for the common good.

Much can be said about this highly unusual interview series so far already but such post will be written later when the series are finished in their entirety.

Besides the utterly predictable, namely that mainstream media attack Oliver Stone even before the series started and continue to do so, there are other voices:

Colbert's interview with Oliver Stone: YouTube comments show most Americans are not buying into the anti-Russia agenda

Peter Kuznik: Oliver Stone's film about Putin must mean the filmmaker has a weak spot for dictators, right?

The Duran: Stephen Colbert mocks Oliver Stone for interviewing Vladimir Putin (Video)

'The Nation' speaks with Oliver Stone about his latest documentary 'The Putin Interviews'

CBS hacks question Oliver Stone about documentary "The Putin Interviews" - Stone neatly sidesteps loaded questions

Bullet points from The Putin Interviews so far (part 1 and 2):


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